Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce Process in Ohio

Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce Process in Ohio

During a divorce, there are many things you should not do.

This is a time of anger, hurt, and frustration and you make decisions that you wouldn't normally do. It is important to understand that once you file for divorce, you and your actions will be closely supervised by your spouse's attorney.

If and when your case goes to court, you can count on his/her attorney carefully exposing every mistake you make for the judge to see. That is a can of worms you don't want to open.

This is not a good time to make huge changes in your life, so don't be tempted to do things that you normally wouldn't.

Be aware of what you put on the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are out there for the public to see.

Your divorce or anything about your divorce process should NOT be posted on any of these social media sites. If you're unsure about what is appropriate to post, don't post anything at all during your divorce.

Don't start dating until you are divorced. Until you're divorced, you are married. Even if you go out with another person but do not sleep with them, you're just getting yourself into trouble and questions could arise.

Keep the kids out of the divorce. It’s not their fault. By this I mean do not talk about your divorce in front of your kids. Even though it’s hard at times to keep your feelings to yourself, the kids are not the ones to talk to about the divorce.

Don't involve friends.

This is not the time to build up your allies. Be careful discussing your divorce with friends, especially those who were friends with both of you before the divorce. It would be terrible to ruin a friendship or have information gets back to your ex.

Remember the old saying "think before you act"! Keep your business between you and your attorney.


Can I use a mediator instead of an attorney?

No. The roles of each are distinct and different. A mediator doesn't represent you or provide legal advice for either party.

They will often request that the parties seek legal counsel for clarification on issues to facilitate a resolution. Once an agreement has been made, a mediator will write up the resolutions.

It is then the attorney's job to put the agreement into proper form for filing with the court and to make sure that any mandatory language is included, along with the preparation of any other court required forms and pleadings.

Will filing for divorce "wake my spouse up"?

Most likely not. Some spouses think that filing for divorce will get their partner's attention by bringing them into reality to try to save the marriage. Filing sometimes can save the marriage but it hardly ever works that way.

Filing for divorce usually causes the other spouse to act more negative and different. You should only file for divorce if you want one!

Is divorce easy?

The process can be simple or complicated, based on how you and your spouse interact. The more the spouses agree on, the easier and less costly it will be. 

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