Three Important Signs That Indicate You Should Consider Divorce

Divorce is not something people plan to have happened in their lives; but about half of the American married population will get divorced, including many residents of Lewis Center, Ohio.

Divorce Attorney, Jack Carney-DeBord of Jack’s Law Office has written a divorce guide that compiles all that he has learned about the divorce process in over twenty years of family law practice. In his book, Carney-DeBord states: “I have heard countless times that ‘I never thought I would be here thinking about divorce.’

“Since 1991, I have been handling family law cases and most are full of negative emotion and sadness, and are just downright painful. However, what I have learned and seen firsthand is that the years of lying and deceit, and unhealthy repression of NOT going through the process, of NOT terminating the unhealthy relationship, of NOT moving on to a new and better life (your life) are even greater.”

While the state of Ohio offers the option of dissolution of marriage through the court, dissolution is only possible if both spouses agree to the terms of ending the marriage. If there are areas where you cannot agree, such as property division and child custody, divorce is the option you will need to pursue. As you consider divorce, there are several things to keep in mind.

Here are three important indicators that signal the need to divorce.

  1. Violence, bullying or abuse in the home. If one spouse exhibits violence, bullying behavior or abuse, the right thing to do is for the other spouse to file for a divorce. The court system has a way of trying to level the playing field between the two spouses; and for people in these situations, divorce is the way to go.
  2. No communication. If one spouse refuses to talk about how the couple is going to divide the assets and liabilities or refuses to discuss issues regarding the children, then the other spouse should not wait and hope for change. The good news about divorce is that it will force the hand of the other spouse to react and get serious about terminating the marriage.
  3. Refusal by one party to acknowledge that half of everything belongs to the other spouse.

The prospect of going through a divorce may seem daunting, but armed with clear, simple, honest answers, you will be able to understand the legal process and know what you will be up against.

That’s why Jack Carney-DeBord wrote his book—to give you the information to consider divorce with confidence. And from there you will be on your way to getting your life back on track.

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Divorce Guide Offers Insight Into How To Prepare
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