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9 Factors for Child Support

9 Factors for Child Support

How does the state usually determine Child Support guidelines and calculations?


Check out the most common nine factors below:

1. You must know the gross income of each party and whether that income is W-2 wages or from self employment

2. The amount of bonuses and/or overtime earned for each of the past 3 years

3. The local tax rate each party pays

4. Whether either party has another child that is not subject to the pending child support order

5. Whether child support is paid or received for that child

6. The amount of spousal support, if any, being paid from one party to the other

7. The cost of any work-related daycare

8. The cost of health insurance coverage being provided for the subject minor child

9. If one or both of the parties is/are self-employed, the calculation consists of the gross business revenues, minus the necessary and reasonable expenses incurred to produce the income.

Note that easonable and necessary expenses do not include all expenses or amounts that are deductible for tax purposes and do not include personal expenses paid from business accounts.

Given that many self-employed people do not keep complete and detailed records, determining what expenses are deductible from income for calculation purposes can require significant discovery and research.

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