Why You Should Never Cancel Healthy Insurance During a Divorce

If you've already made the mistake before a divorce, and health insurance was canceled for your spouse and/or children there ARE steps you can take to minimize the damage this has done to your case of contested divorce in Ohio. First, bring the issue to the attention of an Ohio divorce lawyer.

They will be familiar with the Ohio Revised Code 3105.71 which directs the court's involvement in this situation.

Court Orders to Remedy Cancellation of Health Insurance During Divorce

The Ohio Revised Code must notify you that if you have canceled the health insurance for your spouse or children, there are 2 requirements to which you will be submitted by the court.

These requirements include:

  • paying your spouse the amount owed on premiums you failed to pay; and
  • reimbursement for any medical expenses incurred by your spouse or children that resulted from your cancellation of their health insurance.

If you fail to comply with either of these two court orders, the court may then contact your employer to begin deducting these amounts from your wages.

It's not just the court penalties listed above that is the danger when it comes to divorce and health insurance cancellation. You should also consider how this may look in the eyes of the court - abruptly canceling health insurance can appear as a vindictive move by an angry spouse.

Your Marion, Ohio divorce lawyer will caution you against this kind of rash behavior to help protect your integrity through the process of contested divorce in Ohio. Remember that both you and your spouse are arguing the details of why your marriage should be ended, how assets should be divided, who owes alimony, and the fate of your children.

It's important to not let your actions raise suspicion of your cooperation with the procedures for a contested divorce in Ohio. A Marion, Ohio divorce lawyer should be consulted before you make any major changes in your life when considering or in the process of a divorce. The fate of your case depends on your conduct during this time.

Contacting an Ohio Divorce Lawyer

Getting a contested divorce in Ohio can be particularly complicated, especially if your divorce involves issues of Ohio child custody, significant assets or shared property. Jack's Law Office can help you navigate your contested divorce in Ohio. Contact us today at 1-888-421-7094.

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