Handling the Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio When There are Many Assets at Stake (Part A)

There is a distinct differentiation when you file for dissolution of marriage in Ohio as opposed to a contested divorce. While there are many advantages to the dissolution of marriage in Ohio over traditional divorce, if you and your spouse have many assets, you may wonder whether this is even an option for you.

In many cases, a dissolution is a viable option, even when you have numerous assets at stake.
When you choose this path, the best way to protect your assets is to work with an Ohio divorce attorney.

How Divorce Laws in Ohio Impact Dissolution of Marriage

When you file for dissolution of marriage in Ohio your Ohio divorce attorney will help you understand how the divorce laws in Ohio apply to your situation.

Deciding to go through dissolution is a serious decision and your Ohio divorce attorney can help safeguard your rights. After all, divorce laws in Ohio require dissolution addresses the division of your assets, which hinges on your ability to agree with your spouse on key issues.

The divorce laws in Ohio consider dissolution an uncontested method of terminating a marriage. This is only possible when both spouses agree as to why the marriage should be terminated and how various aspects of the termination should be handled.

Your Ohio divorce attorney can help you work through the issues that may pose challenges to you and your spouse. Even when legal counsel is used, it's important to note that dissolution is typically far less expensive and less time consuming than a traditional divorce, even when numerous assets are at stake.

Petitioning for Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio

To file a proper dissolution under divorce laws in Ohio, you will need to submit the necessary documentation.

Both spouses also must sign a written agreement that addresses the division of marital property, spousal support awards, and other concerns. This will be followed by a court hearing.

When numerous assets are at stake, having an Ohio divorce attorney can help make sure you don't overlook important details.

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