From “Face time” to “Facebook”. How Marriages Are Suffering!

From “Face time” to “Facebook”. How Marriages Are Suffering!

“Face time” was a big thing back in the days at Denison University in the Facebook Cheating1970’s. But today, face time is no longer. “Facebook” is in. And, what do you think is the correlation between facebook time and divorce? A study from the Researchers at Boston University.

uncovered a link between social media use and marriage quality. As I’m sure you could have guessed, the more time a spouse spends on social media, the less high quality the marriage. Why do you think this is? Certainly a spouse who sits in front of their computer, cell phone, etc. all day isn’t being a very attentive partner. And that’s certainly part of the problem.

According to the study, someone who doesn’t use social media is actually 11% happier in his or her marriage. The problem: there aren’t many people left who don’t use social media! Are you? (I am still in the stone ages-touch on it a little bit only.)

The sociologists who conducted the study suggested that social media’s addictive nature might be a source of the ensuing marital conflict. Of course, social media also creates an environment in which one can research his or her ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends pretty easily. Sending a quick and flirtatious message is just too easy to do. Next thing you know? Connections are sometimes reacquainted and extra-marital affairs happen. And then they end up in my office…humm.

If your spouse is spending way too much time on social media-ask her what is going on-before you have to call me at 740-369-7567.

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