Find a Divorce Lawyer in Ohio You Can Like and Trust

If you’re getting a divorce in Delaware, Ohio, according to Divorce Lawyer Jack Carney-DeBord of Jack’s Law Office, “The bottom line is you must find an attorney you like and trust.”

Jack has written a guide to divorce that will help you choose the right divorce lawyer for your case as well as answer any other questions about divorce that you need to have answered before you begin the process.

Choosing the divorce lawyer who is right for you and your case is probably one of the biggest and most important decisions you will have to make in your life. Here are the steps Jack recommends for choosing the right divorce lawyer:

Step 1

Develop a list of divorce lawyers and research them through the Internet, Yellow Pages and conversations with family, friends, and co-workers. Do some research and gather the names of potential candidates. The goal should be to whittle down a bunch of possibilities to three attorneys who will put your needs first.

Step 2

Educate yourself about each divorce lawyer and their respective law firm. Google the attorney’s or law firm’s name and see what comes up. Web sites provide great opportunities to learn all about the attorney and their firm long before you walk in the door. See exactly what kinds of cases the attorney handles and how your case compares. See what other people are saying about the attorney through their testimonials.

  • Ask yourself some questions:
  • Are divorce cases only one of 10 different kinds of cases that the attorney is seeking (real estate, corporate, worker’s compensation, criminal, estates, wills, etc.)?
  • Does the attorney have the experience that your type of case deserves?
  • Has the attorney ever handled a tough case, overcome adversity and prevailed for their client?
  • With whom in the attorney’s office will you be dealing? Will it be the lead divorce lawyer himself or an attorney you have never met?

Step 3

Interview the attorneys. After doing your research and educating yourself about your three candidates, call them and ask for one-hour consultations. Get prepared for your “evaluation” meetings by writing down your questions and concerns.

By reading Carney-DeBord’s divorce guidebook, you will begin to educate yourself on each step of the divorce process and how attorneys approach a divorce case. Armed with this information, you will understand how important your choice of attorney will be and you will be prepared for the many steps you and your attorney will have to pass through before your divorce is finalized.

Get your copy of Jack’s divorce guidebook right away. It’s the best “first step” you could take.

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