How are pets handled in the divorce process?

How are pets handled in the divorce process in Ohio?Pets in a Divorce

Divorce takes a heavy emotional toll on those who are often caught in the middle. Family members and the closest to the couple receive the most attention. There are certain things that can go unnoticed, one that many people wouldn't even think of, pets.

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For how bizarre it sounds, pets can often be involved in custody issues and property division disputes. Pet lovers know how devastating it is to lose a pet.

Pet custody issues have grown remarkably in divorce cases over the years. For some, pets are treated like children and the custody issues that need to be addressed are also important.

The court views pets as just a piece of property for division purposes. Many judges are not going to be over sympathetic by spending valuable time arguing over pet visitation rights or vet bills.

This is a waste of money to argue over these issues. These issues our best to settle outside of court. Dealing with it in private allows for easier arrangements of the pet.

The more issues a couple can agree on outside of the court with their legal counsel, the better. This allows the parties to have more control over the outcome of the divorce rather than the judge.



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