Divorce Attorney Provides Sensible Divorce Information

Divorce Attorney Jack Carney-DeBord of Jack’s Law Office, Delaware, Ohio knows that when you have decided you must end your marriage you will no doubt be in a place of emotional distress. Thus, he has put together a book of real tips to allow you to benefit and learn from the struggles of those who came before.

As Carney-DeBord, says, “It is at our darkest moments that we are most vulnerable and that we need the most trusted of advice.” And that trusted advice is what is offered in Carney-DeBord’s book.

If you’re getting a divorce, you need to do some serious research first in order to start off on the right foot and avoid pitfalls that you may not expect to find in your path. Carney-DeBord’s guide to divorce is a great resource for the information you need. The book will also point you to other sources of information.

By following the steps in Carney-DeBord’s comprehensive guide to divorce, you will be able to make the best decisions in pursuing your divorce action.

Here’s some of Jack’s advice:

  • Be careful about taking advice from friends and relatives. Go straight to a qualified divorce attorney.
  • Make sure the divorce attorney you choose has experience with your type of case and is one you like and trust.
  • Prepare yourself for the paperwork required in a divorce case.
  • Prioritize a list of assets and liabilities that are most important to you and to your spouse.
  • Remember, Ohio law requires there to be legal reasons for divorce. Among these are: 

If your spouse was married before and not legally divorced when
you married

  • willful absence for a year
  • adultery
  • extreme cruelty
  • gross neglect of duty
  • habitual drunkenness
  • imprisonment
  • living separate and apart for at least one year
  • incompatibility.

Do yourself a favor and get your copy of Carney-DeBord’s book before you take another step.

With Carney-DeBord on your side, you can get through your divorce with the least possible hardship and get on to a better place in your life. If nothing else, it will help prepare you to select the best divorce attorney.

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