Dissolution Tips for Men in Columbus, Ohio

You may not be sure what to expect at your Columbus, Ohio dissolution hearing. This is especially true if you do not have an attorney. If you are a man, here are some of the questions that the judge or magistrate for your case will ask you during your Ohio dissolution hearing:

1. Have you resided in the state of Ohio for 6 months? Have you resided in the county where your case is taking place for 90 days prior to the filing of this petition for dissolution? These answers are required to be yes in order for the dissolution to take place.

2. Have you read the separation agreement? Do you believe you understand its contents? Do you agree to abide by the separation agreement’s terms? The separation agreement is the contract that you sign which outlines all the terms of the dissolution. Answers to these questions should be yes.

3. (If you do not have an attorney:) Do you recognize that you are waiving the right to an attorney? In most cases, you would have already been over this in your paperwork, so you understand that you have waived the right to an attorney.

4. Do you want the court to dissolve the marriage according to the terms found in this separation agreement? You should have already read through and agreed to the terms, so the answer should be yes to this as well.

After going through the questions, the hearing is over. You do not have too many questions to answer, and this is usually a quick process. The information above can aid you in your preparation for a Columbus, Ohio dissolution hearing. If you do have a divorce attorney, they will review what will occur at your hearing also.

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