Dissolution Questions for Women in Ohio

If you are trying to prepare for your Westerville, Ohio dissolution hearing without a divorce attorney, you most likely want to find out what is going to occur during the hearing. A judge or magistrate will ask women the following questions in a dissolution hearing:

Have you resided in the presiding county for your case for 90 days and the state of Ohio for 6 months? Answers to both questions should be yes.

Have you read the separation agreement? (This is the contract you sign that outlines all the terms of the dissolution, namely, who gets what.)

Do you understand the separation agreement? You should have read through this contract already to make sure you agree and understand all of the terms. So you should be able to confirm that the answer is yes to both questions.

Do you agree to abide by the terms of the separation agreement? Again, you should answer yes, as you have previously reviewed this contract.

Do you understand you have waived your right to an attorney? Usually, you will have already signed paperwork stating that you waived this right. You should confirm that you comprehend this.

Are you pregnant? Don’t panic – they have to ask you this question, and they ask it of all women. The court would need to find out more information about the child, such as who the father is and what the custody situation will be.

If you are pregnant, the dissolution proceedings would be stopped.

Do you want to change your name? You can change your name within the terms of the separation agreement if you so choose. You are not required to do this in a separate process.

After all of the necessary questions are answered, your dissolution hearing will be over. The hearing usually does not take very long, as there are not many questions involved.

Understanding what will occur during your dissolution hearing can help you stay calm. If you choose to have a divorce attorney, they can help explain the process of the hearing to you beforehand as well.

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