Divorce Attorney Makes your Divorce his Business

Many people may not stop to think that attorneys are business people as well as professionals at the bar.

If you have reached the stage where you think a divorce is inevitable, you will need to consider what divorce attorney to hire with the same consideration you would give to any other business transaction. Columbus Divorce Attorney Jack Carney-DeBord has written a guide that will help you make that decision.

Divorce is deeply intense and difficult and there is an urgent need for those going through that process to have answers. Most have a desire to just “get this done.” Jack Carney-DeBord says this about his divorce guide book: “Every single case has taught me how deeply intense and difficult divorce is, how there is an urgent need for answers.

Thus, I have put together this book of real tips so that other people can benefit and learn from the struggles of those who came before.”

No divorce attorney can offer you legal advice about your specific divorce case until you enter into an agreement for them to represent you in your divorce action, but Carney-DeBord’s guide to divorce will offer suggestions and identify traps.

Ideally, you should read the book even before you hire a divorce attorney. It offers concrete advice about going through the process of choosing the best divorce attorney for you and your case.

Divorce cases are lawsuits just like any other legal matter and are slow-moving, expensive and difficult to understand.

Divorce attorneys come in all shapes and sizes with various levels of expertise, costs, and styles; and you need to know how to choose an attorney right for you. Whatever attorney you choose will be dealing with personal and business matters that are extremely important in your life, particularly those issues involving child custody and support and property settlements. 

Just as when you enter into any other business agreement, you will be signing an agreement with your attorney. The book addresses attorney fees. Here are some questions he recommends you ask a prospective attorney:

• How do you charge?
• What is a retainer and how does it work?
• When do you do your billing? 

Carney-DeBord also offers some suggestions regarding understanding your agreement with the attorney. “Ask for a sample contract. Take it home and review it carefully. Have someone else review it also.

Talk to a trusted friend or colleague about what the contract means to them. Understand fully both the attorney's responsibilities and your responsibilities.” 

Reading Carney-DeBord’s book will give you what you need to proceed in your divorce action with confidence. And from there you will be on your way to getting your life back on track.

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