Choosing the best time to go through with a divorce

Choosing the best time to go through with a divorce

Life is a journey. We never know what’s going to happen next. And we sometimes get blindside with unpleasant surprises. If you're getting a divorce, you most likely won't have much say in scheduling your split, but if you have the choice, be wise. Your timing can affect your future finances.

Divorce is never fun and there is really no perfect time for it but there are some conditions in life that can make the change smooth and it has to do with timing. If you're expecting to inherit money or assets, you should divorce before you receive any inheritance. In this case, it will be all yours and not split up. Divorcing while your kids are in high school has its advantages.

It is better on the child support payer and when it comes time to applying for colleges. A child with a single parent may be more likely to receive financial aid.

Divorcing your ex in a sellers’ market when the housing prices are strong is very beneficial. This may allow you to cover your mortgage and walk away with some money left over. It is also important to divorce when your credit is good so you're able to stay afloat and allow you to obtain the things you will need to start your new single life.

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