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Choosing a Divorce Attorney for your Westerville, Ohio Divorce

“You must decide which divorce attorney is right for you and your case. This decision is probably one of the biggest and most important decisions you will have to make in your life.” That’s the beginning of Chapter 4 of Divorce Attorney Jack W. Carney-DeBord’s divorce guidebook.

Choosing a divorce attorney should not be done lightly. In his book, Carney-DeBord offers three main steps to help you make the right choice. You can read about them in detail in his book but here’s a small sample of what he suggests: 

Step 1: Do some research and gather the names of potential candidates. The goal should be to whittle down a bunch of possibilities to three attorneys 
who will put your needs first. Research simply means to look on the Internet, 
check out the Yellow Pages and talk to family, friends and co-workers.

Step 2: Educate yourself about each divorce attorney and their respective law firm. Google the attorney’s or law firm’s name and see what comes up. Web sites 
are great opportunities to learn all about the attorney and their firm long before 
you walk in the door.

Step 3: Interview the divorce attorneys. After doing your research and educating yourself 
about your three candidates, call them and ask for a one-hour appointment. Get prepared for your “evaluation” meeting by writing down your questions and concerns.

Carney-DeBord’s guide to divorce will not only assist you in choosing the right attorney for you, it will prepare you for that all-important first conference with the attorney you choose. Once you’ve read Carney De-Bord’s divorce guidebook, you will know what information to gather before you visit the attorney and you will know what questions he or she is likely to ask and why they will be asked.


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