What's the CSEA?
Parents have a responsibility to support their children. Obtaining child support is important for many reasons, which is why the Child Support Enforce...
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divorce agreement 2
When you talk to a divorce lawyer about your case, there are several questions you need to ask. But any good attorney should ask you questions as well...
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How To Protect Your Property In A Divorce
property division
Most couples going through a divorce will have to deal with the issue of property and asset division. When it comes to these items, the state of Ohio ...
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How to Get More Retirement Money from Your Ex
divorce walk away

flat fee savings divorce

Divorce can put an enormous emotional strain on people. This is because it frequently involves the splitting of assets, arguing over contentious point...
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Question: I Filed for Bankruptcy, Can I Change Attorneys?Answer: Of course. Keep in mind that whatever fees you have already paid you may lose, b...
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When you and your spouse are going through a contested divorce in Ohio, there are some tactics for which you'll need to prepare. This is because the v...
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The Financial Reality of Divorce
file for bankruptcy
financial burden
The Financial Reality of DivorceEnding a marriage is a painful process. Emotions run high as both spouses try to deal with the realities of divorce.Th...
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Child Support in Ohio And What You Need To Know
dad and son
Ohio court child support calculation
A CNN Money article reported that as of 2009, over $100 billion was owed in unpaid child support payments. For lower-income mothers receiving child su...
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How a Subpoena Can Change Child Support [Video]

Do you need more child support? Do you suspect that your spouse may be hiding money from you? Can you increase your child support?Jack is an Ohio fami...
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The Most Important Document in Your Divorce Case
It's the most important document in your divorce case: the Balance Sheet. What is the Balance Sheet and how will it help you? This article is designed...
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My Husband and I are Getting Divorced, Do I Need to Go Out and Get a Job?

Many women facing divorce have to come to a frustrating realization; they will probably have to get a job. If they are already working, they might hav...
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How do you determine Child Support guidelines and calculations? 1. You must know the gross income of each party and whether that income is W-2 wages o...
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Conditions For Spousal Support

Every state has required conditions for spousal support. What factors does the state of Ohio consider when deciding to award alimony?VIDEO: Conditions...
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