"You Can't Be Serious, Why Do I Need To Provide That?" Part 1


Do I Really Have To Provide My Spouse With Three Years’ Worth Of Tax Returns, Check Registers And So Forth?

The short answer is yes. But here are...

Tips To Beat The Stress

Attorneys routinely conduct discovery in every case. Discovery is a process whereby one attorney sends the opposing attorney questions (interrogatories) about the case, requests documents (Request for Production of Documents) and/or admissions. Admissions are specific questions that usually require yes or no answers. The answers can be deemed admitted if not given in a timely manner.

So beware.

Sit down with your attorney and fulfill the requests. Take the time NOW. Go through them with your attorney because not all interrogatories will apply to your case. Pencil in the answers that you know in the space provided.

Review the document requests. First of all, which ones do not even apply? Scratch those out or label “does not apply.” If you have the documents, gather them for your attorney.

If you know you have to order some documents from the bank or the Internal Revenue Service, go ahead and get a head start.

If your spouse has your documents in their hand, tell your attorney andthey will mark the paperwork accordingly.

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