Attorney Discloses How Divorce Case Works in Delaware, Ohio

Attorney Discloses How Divorce Case Works in Delaware, Ohio

Did you know that before you go into the courtroom to try your divorce case, the attorneys for both sides of the case will be talking back and forth and discussing various things with their clients? If progress is being made, there will be a lot of this back and forth.

The above is from a divorce guide book written by Divorce Attorney, Jack Carney-DeBord, of Jack’s Law Office in Delaware, Ohio. Carney-DeBord also covers more points regarding that pre-trial conference in your divorce case:

  • Don’t worry if the divorce case schedule calls for a 9 AM start. In larger cities, there will be 20 cases with the same start time; in smaller counties, one or two. Nevertheless, courts will usually allow you some time to negotiate.
  • Listen to your attorney about the position of the other side. You should already have discussed that before even getting into court, so there should be no shock value.
  • Develop your response with your attorney. Your attorney should write it down and take it back to the other side. This negotiation process can go for hours or even all day until either you or your spouse "bends.”

 If you cannot settle the divorce case, according to Carney-DeBord, you should still be all right because, being well prepared, you know what is going to happen next. The question that arises here may well be, “How do I get well-prepared for what is going to happen next in my divorce case?”

You may not realize it at this point, but there is another question you should be asking: “What will happen in my divorce case before we even come to the point where we go into the courtroom?”

 Carney-DeBord’s divorce guidebook advises you to first learn how divorces work in the legal world. When you understand the process you will be going through, you should find an attorney you like and trust that will put your needs first.

Divorce cases are lawsuits just like any other legal matter and are slow-moving, expensive and difficult to understand. Divorce attorneys come in all shapes and sizes with various levels of expertise, costs, and styles, and you need to know how to choose one that is right for you.

How to choose the correct attorney for YOUR case and a description of every other step of the divorce process is included in Jack Carney-DeBord’s indispensable guidebook.

Worried about how much it will cost to settle your case?

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