Four Surprising Divorce Pitfalls To Avoid

Divorce can be deeply intense and difficult. When you are going through a divorce, you may have an urgent need for answers and a desire to just “get this done.” However, what seems most important to you at the outset of the divorce and what ends up being most important in the end may be very different.

There are times when divorce clients would accept almost any offer from their spouse just to get everything over with. This happened with one of my clients who was trying to reach an agreement with his spouse to terminate his marriage by the less complicated route of dissolution, a process that involves both spouses being in total agreement about the division of property and other aspects of the marriage termination.

The wife had offered to pay her husband (my client) a very minuscule amount, hoping that the husband would just say yes and be done with it. One look at the handwritten proposal and I knew that the dissolution deal was one-sided and recommended that my client file for divorce. Several months later, my client received over $650,000 more than he was offered and would have ever received.

 The bottom line is that there are good reasons to proceed with caution and patience. Here are four places where I see clients become tempted to take the easy road:

  1. You can get your pleadings in order, asking for exactly what you deserve rather than settling just to get it over with. The hope of a more satisfactory conclusion to your divorce case should make patience worthwhile.
  2. You can spend time putting together your requests for temporary orders with great care. These requests to the divorce court will last for the length of the case so if you can get those in line with your goals, you should be able to wait more patiently.
  3. You can spend adequate time with your attorney preparing your balance sheet. When you have everything down on paper, you may find that a fair and equitable settlement will amount to more for you than you anticipated.
  4. You can work with your attorney to prepare for court. This is important to you because:
    • Being prepared may give an edge to your divorce attorney’s negotiations with the other side.
    • If you can’t settle through negotiations, excellent preparation may allow your divorce attorney to go to court with the winning argument.

Unfortunately, even when you are prepared for court, maybe even when you have a court date scheduled, you must be prepared for continuances—the magistrate went home due to illness, the other attorney has a previous engagement, etc. The bigger the divorce court system, the more chance for delays.

Getting your divorce case to completion will be time-consuming. We can’t make things go faster; that’s just the way the courts work; but we can ensure that your voice will be heard, advocate 100% for your side of the story and coach you through the entire process from beginning to end.

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