Two Ways to Terminate a Marriage

I’m Jack Carney-DeBord, and I am a divorce attorney. I’ve been handling divorce cases at Jack’s Law Office for more than 20 years and I always plan to have the winning argument. Establishing my client as “the good guy” is part of my plan to win.

I like to wear the white hat in court and that’s how I coach my clients. When it comes to the distribution of marital property, I advise clients to aim for compromise because this is what a court will expect them to do but not to settle for less than 50% unless for good reason.

In Ohio, there are two ways marriages are terminated:

#1 Dissolution

By dissolution, which requires each party to agree on an equitable division of property, upon child custody questions and every other issue involved in ending their marriage.

#2 Divorce

The second method is divorce. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on all issues, you will have to ask the judge or magistrate to settle the issues between you—and that’s done by filing a divorce lawsuit.

You need to file a divorce suit if you find yourself in one of these situations:

• violence or abuse in the home
• no communication regarding how marital property and liabilities will be decided or about your children
• refusal of one party to acknowledge that half of everything belongs to the other spouse.

You may be willing to “go along” with what your spouse asks to put the matter behind you, but that could be a mistake.

I recently settled a divorce case where the wife had offered to pay her husband (my client) a minuscule amount, hoping that the husband would just say yes and be done with it. One look at the handwritten proposal and I knew that the deal was one-sided and recommended that my client file for divorce.

Several months later, my client received over $650,000 more than he was offered and would have ever received.

There’s an old saying: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

At Jack’s Law Office, we achieve winning results by following a carefully thought out plan that begins with learning every detail of the situation from our client and continues through careful preparation of all pleadings, requests for temporary orders, your balance sheet (a written statement that will establish the value of all marital property and assets) and every other necessary step to get you through the divorce process to your new life.

We believe that any divorce attorney can give you a so-so legal answer. But here, we will coach you every step of the way. We will see you through thick and thin. We will walk, run, sprint or push you across the finish line.

Our plan for ending your marriage is designed to achieve our real goal at Jack’s Law Office—to help you change your life for the better. We are 100% your advocate. What is good for you is good for us.

Our goal is to change your life.

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