8 Misconceptions About Child Support in Ohio

Going through a divorce is difficult in and of itself, and having children can complicate matters. It's best to learn all you can about child support in Ohio and discuss your particular situation with a child support law firm in Ohio to make sure you eliminate any misconceptions you or your spouse may have.

Many of the misconceptions people have about child support revolve around visitation. Speaking to an attorney at a Ohio law firm can clear up preconceptions you may have about the relationship between visitation rights and child support obligations.

Misconceptions Surrounding Child Support in Ohio and Visitation Rights

  • If your spouse has a court order to pay child support in Ohio, then he retains a legal right to visit with your children.
  • It's OK to withhold visitation between the child and the parent paying child support if he fails to make child support payment.
  • If you and your spouse have shared parenting, no child support will be awarded.

While these concepts may seem logical, that's not how the courts view it. Child support and visitation are two separate and distinct issues.

You can't withhold visitation rights if your spouse doesn't make his child support payments. Likewise, just because your spouse pays child support regularly, doesn't automatically guarantee him visitation time either. How the courts award custody and child support in Ohio is unique in each case and is done in the best interests of the child.

it's best to call an experienced attorney at a child support law firm in Ohio if you have any concerns about a court's order for visitation or child support in Ohio.

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